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FairCargoNow.com About us

FairCargoNow is 25 years experience in transportation business. Our competence is, to provide the best possible cooperation possibilities.

We are everyday looking after new ways, to save money as a haulier. The less expenses we have on our road, gives more income in the yearly results of profit.

We are a company in growth, and we wish combine the most serious transport companies, to cooperate with our partners. For this we seek long term cooperation partners.

Why we are in Szczecin?

Poland is a country in big growth and development. Therefore we see big possibilities by connecting the best companies with the best solutions for an profitable income.

We cooperate with some of the biggest transportation companies. Our network stretches all over Europe.

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Fair Cargo Now We work for

  • Better conditions for companies
  • Better conditions for drivers.
  • Better insurance prices
  • Workshop/mechanic cooperation
  • You will never pay to much again.
  • Fair and better payment
  • Fair play and tone

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Fair Cargo Now - mixed trips between

Fair Cargo Now Mixed trips between

  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway

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15 trucks for Walking floor trailers

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18 trucks for curtain trailers

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